22 July 2011

Suez Scenario

The scenario is set along the coast of Sinai, in the Suez Gulf. The British have a bunker and some landships protecting the canal, but FSA forces are moving in from both land and sea and the FSA fleet commander is demanding passage through the canal without paying tolls. Will this tense encounter lead to opening shots in a new war between KoB & FSA? And is that a KoB fleet approaching from the other side of the gulf?

Two tables will be used in the back room for a 4x9 foot playing space. There will be a defensive bunker (I'm working on modelling something to represent this) along with a canal lock. The attacking FSA team has a declared objective to pass transport ships through the canal to deliver arms to their tentative Italian allies. The British just need to stop the FSA transports and maintain control of the canal. But how much of the FSA fleet will support the ground attack with artillery while it also tries to protect the arriving transports against the approaching KoB fleet?  Also, the first faction to open fire will suffer -1 VP in scoring.  VP is not awarded for damaged, destroyed, or captured ships, only for completing both declared and secret objectives.  There is not much terrain, but those civilian ships waiting in the gulf for passage are subject to random movement and block LoS just like small islands.

Here is the planned layout for the 4x9 foot table for the 4-5 player combined operations battle on Sunday at the Game Vault.