26 September 2011

Covenant Assaults Blazing Sun Coastal Fortress

We played a game on Sunday at the old Game Vault with 700 point fleets, using the Declared Objective of capturing a coastal fortress.  I added the coastal fortress into the cost of my total force, using the stats from the book but a paper model of an Italian castle in approximate scale which I had assembled the night previous.  My Blazing Sun force also had a shield tower adjacent to the fortress for additional protection, then the battleship Ontake with a pair of escorts, a pair of scout gyros, and a pair of bombers, along with two squadrons of tiny flyers, fighters around the battleship and torpedo bombers.  My opponent set up his battleship on the opposite corner of the board with a full squadron of cruisers, two squadrons of 4 frigates each, bombers and tiny flyers, basically his Covenant starter box.

Up through turn 2 I kept my forces in place and launche rockets against the approaching enemy, taking out some frigates and damaging those bombers.  He moved up a squadron of diver bombers to attack my coastal fortress, but the guns & AA managed to shoot them all down before a single bomb was dropped.

By turn 5 the Covenant battleship moved into position, blasted a hole through the coastal fortress with that energy weapon in the bow and fired a devastating broadside against the Ontake which suffered a catastrophic magazine explosion.  With the scout gyros trailing smoke, one with a stuck rudder and flying off into the sunset, I had no real support left for my coastal fortress.  During turn 6 he moved all of his frigates up to launch rocket marines, softening the defenses, and then the battleship launched rocket marines which managed to capture the coastal fortress intact, giving the CoA force a clear victory.

03 September 2011

Covenant Fleet Skirmish

Only 500 points per side on a small board with a single small volcano between the forces.  No special or secret objectives.

Starting deployment.