28 April 2011

Dystopian Wars!

I've finally rotated some DW models onto my painting table, and I'm working on the Blazing Sun fleet.

17 April 2011

Kingdom of Britannia meet the Empire of the Blazing Sun

My first big game of Dystopian Wars, using all the rules for tiny flyers, cards, etc.
Dave set up his KoB fleet opposing my Blazing Sun.  We didn't set point limits here, intending to play through a friendly, learning game with all the bells & whistles.  So, in an attempt to offset his carrier & scout rotor craft I added a squadron of FSA cruisers allied with my Blazing Sun fleet this battle.  The Blazing Sun admiral was happy to have these allies.  The basic scenario here was an all out battle, the two fleets fighting for control around a tiny rock in the Indonesian waters between their colonial holdings.  I took advantage of the Blazing Sun advantage in fast movement and long range rockets, and by the end of the first turn I had destroyed a frigate and damaged a cruiser at range band 4 while my bombers launched rockets and destroyed one of the medium scout rotor craft while scoring a critical hit on the other.  I rolled plenty of sixes this turn.

14 April 2011

Dystopian Wars Incursion

Some DW fleets matched up with our usual suspects from the Uncharted Seas in a 4-player alliance game.
Sea Lord Thuclyd leads a contingent of Thaniras Elven ships, in loose alliance with a Prussian patrol force operating in the area, move against their sworn enemies, the Ironclad Dwarves led by Admiral Redhammer, as a FSA force is spotted in the far distance.
Turn 2.  Forces close and Sea Lord Thuclyd orders an extra ration of grog for all crews involved in bringing down the Dwarven Bellows Airship which had been approching across the island above the yellow cathedral.  Meanwhile, the Prussians and FSA forces pound each other into pieces, frigates sinking left and right.  We didn't include the tiny flyers, but all of us gained a better understanding of how the DW rules worked, especially compared to the US rules.

02 April 2011

Significant Other

My S.O. is an avid chess player and has beat me in several games, and seeing my colorful ships on the blue board finally interested her enough to try a game.
Approximately 600 points per side, the Lady playing the Smoke Belchers while I take my Pristine Elven sailing fleet to the seas.