25 February 2011


We played this strategic mission with too many unpainted models, and few pictures show more than gaps of white on the blue board. But here is the scratchbuilt mechanical squid my opponent has half painted, preparing for a ramming attack against one of my Elven Heavy Cruisers.

21 February 2011

Recon Among the Rocks

A third Recon mission in our X-Cam. We wanted a relatively short game, so I held back on a challenge for a strategic match. After rolling to determine the scenario we use my new random terrain & condition generator, and we get 4 terrain pieces along with 4 shoals, so the middle of the table looked like a series of rocks and breakers. I set up my Elven force near the western edge of my deployment zone to take advantage of the wind blowing directly east down along the table. We deploy 500 point lists, neither of us taking frigates or flyers, but the Dwarves launch a new addition to their fleet, a scratchbuilt mechanical squid! The Dwarves also include a squadron of destroyers which had only been purchased from the drydocks the previous day and remains unpainted.

20 February 2011

War on Land: My First Experience Playing Warhammer Fantasy

My first game of Warhammer Fantasy; Mike allowed me to command his Army of Dark Elves (their general temporarily sick from poisoned food) arrayed at a clearing at the edge of the jungle where a force of Lizardmen emerged to drive off the raiders.

Determining Terrain & Conditions

If no special terrain is called for in a scenario or mission then roll 2d6 to determine number of terrain pieces and any special conditions in effect for the game.

18 February 2011

Running the Gauntlet

Kyle spent all his Recon points accumulated from the first two games to challenge me to a Strategic mission. We rolled up one mission which scared the Dwarven Admiral, so we rolled again and settled on "Running the Gauntlet." We each had 800 points and set the playing space for 3x4, placing the towers shown at the bottom of the above photo to effectively serve as the "finish line" for a single Dwarven ship to cross. According to the mission, the attacking player needs only get one large class ship from one short end to the other. He estimates that with the speed of his battleship it will take him at least 11 turns to reach the finish line with that model, but he also deploys an airship which has better movement.

16 February 2011

Escape to Base!

We rolled up this mission according to the X-Cam document, and then we rolled off to determine attacker. Then we rolled to determine wind direction after placing the island, and I realized I would win this scenario because my ships would easily out sail the pursuing Dwarven fleet in no time. I decided I would make an effort to put up a good fight and maybe pick up some extra VP by sinking some of the Dwarven ships so set up to one side, upwind of the island, but with room to come about to deliver some Elven "Weight of Metal" against the Dwarves. I had 265 points in my force of a green dragon, a pair of cruisers, and three frigates. We played on a 3x5 foot table, the Elven ships already 24" inches in from the far side, only about 28"-30" from the nearest edge of the island. (The dragon was a shy bit closer which proved helpful in eventual escape.)

15 February 2011

First X-Cam Recon Mission

A Dwarven scouting force is at anchor near an island in contested waters. An Elven reconnaissance force moves in from the south with a primary mission of studying the Dwarven ships and returning to their main fleet with information, particularly concerning the Dwarven armored cruisers and airship. The Dwarven force consists of 4 squadrons, including the airship, at 400 points; the Elves have just a cruiser squadron and frigate squadron at 300 points, their objective to hold fire and use their attack dice to study each class of Dwarven craft. The cruisers manage to get a partial success on both the airship and the frigate. The strategy of the Elven commander was to move in close, complete the objective, and then use the superior speed of their ships to escape before the Dwarves have a chance to act.

12 February 2011

400 point lists

Preparing for an X-Cam, I'm having fun creating some 400 point lists for my Mountain Fury Clan Elven Fleet.

400 pt. Destroyer Force (395)

Squadron Name & Ships (Cost/Total)

  1. Claw Assault Squadron DDx3 (55/165)
  2. Winterwind Frigate Sq. FFx4 (30/120)
  3. Typhoon Cruiser Sq. CAx2 (55/110)

11 February 2011

Dawn Harbour Attack

The Mountain Fury Fleet works into an offshore breeze in the early dawn to attack squadrons of the Dwarven Redhammer fleet at anchor in the harbour. The Elves had 550 points of medium and small ships, determined to destroy the battleship and supporting squadrons of cruisers and frigates anchored at the docks BEFORE a Dwarven patrol consisting of an airship, armored cruiser squadron and escort frigates returned to port. The playing space was 4x3 feet, the Elven fleet starting in the narrow end at the bottom and sailing East. The white circles between the jetty on the port side and the island to starboard are mines which moved randomly at the start of each turn. North is to the left, and in the upper right of the photo is the Dwarven patrol squadron which is only activated according to a special die roll at the start of each turn after the initial attack commenced.

06 February 2011

First Meeting in the Sorylian Strait

The Seventh Elven Expeditionary Fleet had maintained nominal control of the Sorylian Strait waters surrounding the Gray Point Lighthouse until the Dwarven Fleet arrived to challenge the Elven authority.