05 July 2011

Playing Actual Games

I met two DW players at the GV on Sunday.  One player is new to the area and still doesn't have his Britannia fleet shipped in, so I brought my Shroud Mages for him to try a game of US against my Elven fleet.
We had 600 points each, a submersible on his side and a dragon on mine so he could see how the flying and Defensive Fire rules worked compared to DW.  But my destroyer squadron was no match for those Dwarven frigates at ramming range, and he took two of mine as prizes.  I conceeded after five turns.

Then I broke out my Blazing Sun fleet, and played against a Prussian force, 700 points each.
I had a squadron of 3 Inari scout gyros, and keeping them at range band 3 with their Dance of the Swann maneuver kept putting damage on the Prussian cruisers and battleship which were squeezing into the channel at the center of the board.

The Prussians took their Declared Objective of taking and holding the rocky island in the center, mostly because the Blazing Sun fleet was keeping their distance to let their long range rockets do all the work and sink enemy ships.

I have a new camera now and just yesterday procured a new memory card, so I can return to taking decent pictures of games.