27 July 2011

Pirates of the Uncharted Seas

The nations of the Old World send fleets of warships to expand their colonies and protect their interests in the New World, the islands scattered among the Uncharted Seas.

The Iron Dwarves establish mining colonies to increase their imperial treasure vault as well as fuel the research and development of new weapon and steam technologies.  Our campaign focuses around the Dwarven colonial city of El-Aron just southwest of Denonia (right-center of map).  Many minerals are mined and processed here, and each week a fleet arrives with new Dwarven colonists, returning to Kulloria with cargo holds filled with resources.

The Kullorian trade fleets must maintain safe passage, and the Uncharted Seas are too vast to be routinely patrolled by warships.  From the Darnak Cluster in the south come Orc Raiders to pirate and plunder; from the ancient Dragon Lords in the west come war flotillas intent on driving out the Iron Dwarves, and their cousins the Shroud Mages from the southwest want nothing better than to wrest control of Denonia and take posession of the city El-Aron for them own expansion; and the Thaniras Elves to the north are untrusted neighbors, keeping to themselves as they wait to see the other powers weaken the fleets around Denonia.

We will have two parts of this campaign.  The larger group of players in NOVA will conduct naval operations around El-Aron, the Dwarven player largely fighting off pirate raids by the Orcs, while the smaller southern group of players will conduct operations between the Dwarven and Human Imperial fleets maneuvering for control of the Boiling Seas to the east to secure trade routes with the Old World Kingdoms.