31 May 2012

Cauldron of Silence

After a month of regular battle reports from the Cauldron of Silence campaign for Uncharted Seas, the final battle between two massive fleets was reported today on the Spartan Games BLOG.

29 May 2012

The NEW Uncharted Seas Templates

The hardcover rule book for Uncharted Seas is available for pre-order from the Spartan Games website, and these special orders will include a set of the limited edition clear acrylic templates.

24 May 2012

Now that's a Battle Report!

Craig from the D6G has been writing some fun narrative battle reports on the blog over on the Spartan Games website, part of a tsunami of new material for Uncharted Seas, including some new options for Captains of Renown and featuring some awesome pictures of ships on the tabletop.  Here is a link for the most recent report:


I especially enjoy the conflict between my two favorite factions in the Uncharted Seas, something I have never witnessed because I'm always playing either one or the other but usually against Orcs or Dwarves.

22 May 2012

Game with Greg

FSA fleet stationed off the coast of Ecuador was dispatched to investige reports of an Imperial force operating in the region.  The Blazing Sun battle group centered around the Kiyohime carrier Noto with a Tsukuyomi War Gyro in support along with escorts & frigates.  (Naval Core Forces with approximately 820 points in each.)

07 May 2012

The Glorious 3rd of June!

Sunday, June 3rd, at The Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA
1st Round: 600 Point Naval Core Force
2nd Round: 600 Point Armored Core Force
3rd Round: 900 Point Force--Land, Sea, & Air!

Players matched by random draw.
STAR cards in play for all rounds.
Force organization for Tournament Game according to pg. 42 DW rules.

05 May 2012

DW vs. Real Life

No, not my real life--I've been painting more DW ships than any of my sailing ships in the past few weeks.  Ruckdog wrote and posted a good introductory article comparing the world of Dystopian Wars to the realities of naval technology in the late 19th century.  Check it out on the Man Battlestations Blog

French Dreadnought (1870):  Making the battleship obsolete?