15 January 2013

Canoes Are Boats Too!

I've done almost no naval gaming these past few months, but I should admit I've still been busy.  During this past summer I bought a copy of Muskets & Tomahawks, convinced by the review I heard on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast epidsode 88.

I liked everything I read; the rules are relatively simple and familiar, but there is definitely an 18th century theme.  I visited a local Hobby Lobby and picked up several inexpensive packs of Indians and Colonial Infantry in 1/72 scale plastic, along with some discounted Christmas trees for cheap terrain.  All together, less than a hundred bucks for the rules, cards, a wide range of figures, and terrain.

10 January 2013

New Uncharted Seas Campaign

The goal of this campaign is to develop a fleet and engage in missions to secure gold by transporting cargo to and from the Old World or simply seizing it by raiding villages or securing valuable cargo from shipwrecks.  The first player to accumulate 10,000 Gold Bars is declared the winner of the campaign.