11 July 2011

Americans meet Japanese, English Civil War on land, and a skirmish in the Uncharted Seas

Six players showed up on Sunday at the Game Vault.  We had limits on time, and half the players had limited experience, and two players had no DW fleets of their own, so we just played some casual games, 500 points in each force.

The start of the game beteen FSA & EBS, 500 points each.  My Imperial fleet was commanded by a junior commodore while I took pictures, hung flyers in the store, and helped some new players with questions.

The Ontake armed with new American automated loading turrets.

When I returned to their game Commodore K. had lost the [i]Ontake[/i] to a magazine explosion and had shattered my glorious Imperial fleet against the FSA anvil.

Meanwhile, two relatively new players tried out their new ground forces, Roundheads vs. Cavaliers.

And Deguello didn't have his ships, so I broke out my US models and we played a rematch of Elves vs. Shroud Dwarves.

Several desperate boarding actions left some ships derelict, but a sea serpent helped the Elven cause by surfacing and attacking the Dwarven armoured cruisers, and the Elven frigates and destroyers cut apart the main Dwarven force in the center.