29 March 2012

New Spartan Forum!

The new Spartan Games forum is HERE!

New Spartan Forum?

The forum over at the Spartan Games official website has been out of action for a month now and I realize my posts and reading of gaming blogs has proportionally increased.  Unfortunately the forum went missing almost right after the release of the new rulebook with the free PDF update, and in my small regional group of Dystopian Wars players we're working through the new rules with only one player owning the new book.  There is some agreement that we like the new tiny flyer rules better than the old rules, and we still have one player reluctant to play until Spartan adjusts the point values to make the KoB faction equal to the others (I haven't been able to convince him to try another faction, like the Empire of the Blazing Sun, but I'm trying to bring him to see the light).  All together, we seem to be playing more games, and I'm looking forward to the tournament on Sunday, although I fear there will be some dispute between some minor rule changes.

26 March 2012

DW Carry Case

I've been cutting foam and some cardboard to fit the ten dollar pistol case I bought from a discount retailer to carry my Imperial fleet and armored force to the Game Vault.

22 March 2012

Tournament in Ten Days

I'm making the final edits in the scenarios, putting together some more buildings and bridges, getting the word out, and thinking about what I want for the next Dystopian Wars event.  For the DWVA Spring Event, only ten days out now, I mostly wanted to set up a day of some fun games for both experienced and new players.  At least two players planning to attend only own a naval starter box while several others have more than a thousand points in naval and armored models each, so I wanted a format which would welcome the new players while still providing some variety for the more experienced players. 

21 March 2012

DW Terrain

I've been working on some city terrain for the event coming up next month, mostly downloading paper model templates and putting together tiny skyscrapers with cardstock, scissors, and a smidge of white glue.  But while searching for ideas and patterns for street layouts in something equivalent to 1:1200, I came across some extraordinary terrain tables out there.  This Prussian naval and air base is probably the favorite of my local DWVA group.  Found posted on theminiaturespage.com and this specific shot on this German website.

Absolutely amazing layout and incredible detail. I'm not going to come close to this sort of table with my novice level of experience anytime soon.
But I really appreciate this modest air base, probably because it features the design of my favored faction and the main materials involve cardboard and other common household material.

Explanation of the construction found here.

20 March 2012

Dystopian Wars VA Event

Sabine the Cat supervises a test layout for Scenario #2 with a Imperial fleet entering Canal City Harbor for some fresh paint.

DWVA Spring Event at the Game Vault, April 1st
The Event is comprised of 2 main rounds and a 3rd bonus round. During the first 2 rounds players will compete to earn Objective Points. Players will be ranked according to the total number of Objective Points earned in both rounds. The bonus round will be an opportunity to play a large land battle with several players on a big space and will be used to settle any ties, if necessary.

12 March 2012

Finally, Uncharted Seas!

I haven't played a game of Uncharted Seas for some time now, and I have been trying not to post anything not directly related to Uncharted Seas (Dystopian Wars is a stretch, but after posting about a game of Warmachine, I realized I was steering away from my original intention for this blog).  Anyway, I finally received my first box of the new Imperial Human ships, and I'm very pleased with the product.

The picture is just a quick snapshot of the model on a kitchen table with the sails set in place; no cleaning or actual assembly has been done.  I was just looking for something to post for Uncharted Seas!

Meanwhile, I'm preparing to host another DW tournament at the Game Vault, and I'm playtesting a card-based naval game, so I may end up changing my mission statement for this blog.

05 March 2012

Street Fighting

I've been thinking about combining land & sea operations for Dystopian Wars in an urban environment, and I started tinkering with a scenario which features a city with several large canals and bridges.  I set up the scenario this past Sunday for two local players along with some infantry rules to playtest.

Unfortunately, I forgot the box of land templates I had cut out at home, so I pieced together the equivalent using sheets of paper and some pieces of green felt.  The objective was the single bridge in the center of the table, flanked by a clock towers which could be captured by infantry or rocket marines.  The Imperial force managed to steam up into the channel and capture both clock towers after destroying lead aerial elements of the opposing British force.