07 July 2011


This past weekend I discovered the old Pirates collectible card game from Wizkids.  Sure, I was aware of it to some degree, and I was even interested in a tabletop naval game using plastic card cut-out ships, but I never invested myself in the game until I found a box of 20 card packs on sale at Target for ten bucks.  What the hell, I picked up a box, brought it home, and started putting inexpensive little model ships together.  Incredible that they seem to be the equivalent scale to Uncharted Seas, and they will work in a pinch to play with the Trafalgar rules I bought last year but haven't found any models... until now.  Here is a comparison shot with some of my Elven ships.  The pirate ships are about the same size as a frigate or cruiser.
We tried to interest some kids in playing US or even DW during our last teen gaming event at our local public library, but I think Pirates is just the thing to get some of them moving model ships around on the table.  The rules are ridiculously simple, but all the elements of a game is there, and the ships are cheap.  And now I have some ships to use for playtesting the moderate naval rules I've been toying with writing.