28 November 2011

Coastal Raid

And now for something else entirely.

I haven't played many games this past month, busy with preparations for the tournament and then, feeling a little tired of all things DW, turned to painting some Uncharted Seas ships and putting together components to try playing a game of Spanish Fury Sail!

Lacking any guide for running a DW tournament, I spent some time looking into how Warmachine events are organized, etc.  And it got me interested in actually trying out a game of what, at first glance, appears to be the skirmish land conflict equivalent of DW.  So, my Usual Opponent and I split the cost of a battle box, I dug out some figures I had painted last year but never put on the table, and we tried a quick game with 15 points on each side.

We used Khador figures as Protectorate proxies using Vladimir for Kreoss and a squad of Mechanics to represent Cinerators (I'm sure this is an action which would brand both of us heretics, but we didn't even have his figures assembled), and I loaned a Manhunter solo to my Usual Opponent to give him the single point he needed to form a 15-point force.  I explained that the Manhunter had gone rogue and was working as something of a mercenary; maybe he had been captured and brainwashed?

19 November 2011

DW Game Accessories

I spent all of my painting time these past two weeks working on ship models for Uncharted Seas, but I have been playing Dystopian Wars and putting together some new components for my fleet.  I prefer the size of the US counters, so I scaled down the player's aid tokens from the PDF available on the Spartan website:  http://www.spartangames.co.uk/resources/downloads

The six main critical hit effects fit nicely on some old dice I had, creating some Critical Hit Effect Cubes which are large enough to read but not so large they obscure the model.

I also printed out a new set of stat cards, created by a fan and posted on the Spartan Games forum HERE. 

07 November 2011

The Glorious 6th of November

Dystopian Wars VA Autumn Event 2011

We had more than a dozen players for our DWVA Autumn Event which included three rounds of a Dystopian Wars tournament with 10 registered players and a 3-way exposition game of Uncharted Seas.

Here are the full rankings for the DW tournament:

1. Andy - Prussians
2. Kyle - CoA
3. Steve - CoA
4. Brian - CoA
5. Dave - KoB
6. John - Prussians
7. Trevor - KoB (with French leanings)
8. Greg - FSA
9. Nate - KoB
And, last but definitely not least, and only a mere 2 points behind Nate....
10. Jack - Empire of the Burning Sun

The first three placed players won store credit, and Andy also took the Best Painted Fleet prize. 

The runner-up for best painted fleet was our winner at the Uncharted Seas event last year, Mike with his incredible Orc ships.