06 October 2012

More Weekend Cat Blogging

Inspired by another gaming blog, I'm posting a picture of my first cat, a longtime companion for more than 10 years--this photo was taken shortly before he died a year ago now.

His name was Mr. Jones because he was an abandoned cat found by one of my gaming friends; Dave had taken him in and named him Mr. Jones (the English equivalent of the anonymous Mr. Smith, Anglophile that Dave has always been).  But Dave and his wife already had two cats, and although Mr. Jones had clearly been "fixed" they couldn't commit to a third cat with a human baby soon to be added to the household.  So it was up to me to adopt Mr. Jones... "Or he is going to the shelter--no pressure or anything," Dave told me, but I took the cat and never regretted it.  He accompanied me when I moved to the Midwest and was a most faithful companion during cold winters, then when I married he adopted my wife as much as she adopted him and moved with us out to the East Coast.  He now lies peacefully under an oak tree among the rolling hills of Virginia.