23 September 2012

Registering for Next DWVA Event

WHAT:  A special team-based event. Players must register as a 2-player team or individually registered players will be matched with other individually registered players. The rounds will be linked in a mini-campaign with victory declared for the leading team at the end of the event.
WHEN:  Sunday, October 28th, starting at 10:30 am.
WHERE:  The Game Vault, Fredericksburg, VA
FORCES:  750 point force compositions; at least 1 force per team is Naval Core and 1 force per team is Armored Core.  Players may bring multiple force compositions as long as the 2 basic requirements are met.
COST:  $5 per registered player.

(Format details follow)

This event incorporates elements of tournament and campaign events previously organized at the Game Vault for Dystopian Wars.  Some snacks will be provided (probably sandwiches like we had available at the Glorious 3rd of June event).  The Game Vault has restrooms available, drinks and snacks for sale, and food & drink is allowed in the store.  We will have a 30-minute lunch break between the first & second rounds which will also feature a secret ballot vote for best painted fleet.  Prizes will be awarded for a variety of achievements.

Each team will be composed of two players.  Teams will be organized into an Alliance.  Players will participate in 3 rounds of games, scoring Campaign Points for each game played, and each player in each round will deploy a 750-point force.  Round 1 will feature “1 vs 1” player games with unique scenario objectives and conditions, determined randomly.  Round 2 will feature a different set of scenarios for “1 vs 1” games, determined by teams according to scoring from Round 1.  Round 3 will feature “2 vs 2” games of combined operations (50% land & 50% sea on 4x8 foot tables) with top scoring teams from different Alliances.  The team of two players with the highest total Campaign Points after the end of the 3rd round will be declared the winning team and each player in that team will be awarded 50% of the collected registration fees as store credit at the Game Vault.  Other prizes will be awarded for players achieving other specific conditions.

Registration:  Players must register by Sunday, October 21st before the event to be guaranteed a position.  Registration only requires a Private Message sent to “maddrb” on the Spartan Community forum or a post on the ManBattlestations.com forum (registration on each respective forum required to post) or signing up in person at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA.  Players may choose to register as teams with a bonus for allied factions, or will be matched with another individually registered player by the Event Organizer.   Registration cost is not required until the morning of the event.
Force Compositions:  One player in the team must have a Naval Core Force of 750 points, and one player in a team must have Armored Core force of 750 points.  All tournament rules for force compositions apply.  There is no limit to the number of different force compositions players bring to the event, and a force composition must only be chosen and presented to any opponents or the Event Organizer immediately before the start of each Round.

Special Team Advantages:  Any team of Major Alliance start the event with additional Campaign Action Cards and may freely exchange cards between team players during the course of the rounds. Any team of Minor Alliance nations may exchange cards between team players as above. Neutral Allies may only exchange Campaign Action Cards before or after rounds. Teams of nations "At War" may be allowed if approved by the Event Organizer before the event, but these teams will gain no special advantages (there could be a rogue faction of Blazing Sun ships, for example, working with a FSA fleet, but their communication will be limited). CoA players may form a team with any other nation, but CoA/non-CoA teams will not receive any bonus during the event concerning Campaign Action Cards.
Cards:  Star cards will not be used during any rounds of this event.  Campaign Action Cards, as used in previous DWVA events, will be provided for teams before the event begins.
Tiny Flyers:  The 10 free Tiny Flyers may be available for some scenarios but not all, according to unique scenario objectives and conditions.
Prizes:  Faction decals (5x8 inch) will be awarded according to player’s favorite faction for special achievements; 50% of the total registration fees will be awarded to each player of the top scoring Team in store credit; a special certification will be awarded for the Garbage Scow Captain (we’ll see if anyone can take that title away from Jack); and a “to be determined” prize will be awarded to the player receiving the most votes for “best painted fleet” while we may reprise the “Best Admiral” award as well.