27 April 2012

War Gyro with Crabs

Last week I played a X-Cam mission against my Usual Opponent's Covenant force.  It was a Clash of Arms scenario, and we set up a river action with mixed naval and armored forces.  The picture above provides a good view of the setup (I had just bought the building packs and had only just started painting them) with bridges, but it's turn 2, after my war gyro had already destroyed the Covenant battleship in the middle of the river....

Don't teleport your Covenant battleship right in front of the enemy's main force, especially before that main force has activated for the turn!

My Usual Opponent only rolled a single natural 6 in the first 3 turns while I managed to score a series of critical hits on his battleship.  An Imperial victory was all but certain, so in the last turn we agreed to modify the rules of teleporting vehicles with the Time Orb, and my War Gyro ended up with a Crab on deck!

The boarding action eliminated all AP from both models, but it was a fun way to end the game.