03 April 2012

DWVA Spring Event

Our DW event this past Sunday, the first of April, was attended by 10 registered players and, despite, my "last-minute" adjustment to the scoring system, was enjoyed by all (and I learned a few things for the next event in June).

Joe won with the most accumulated Objective Points over two rounds of play (the first round involved team-based scenarios), and the alliance between FSA, CoA, and KoB carried the day.  We had a 3-way tie for 2nd place, and Andy "Ruckdog" won the popular vote for "best-painted force" along with the trophy for most epic defeat and our Garbage Scow Captain title.

Round 1:  Canal City, team-based scenario, 800 MFV Armored and Naval core forces.

I was expecting 8 players with certainty, but we had 10 registered by 11:30.  I split the factions into 2 even groups, 5 "English" allied forces (KoB, FSA, CoA) and 5 "Other" forces (Prussia, EotBS, and the new Republique of France).

Each playing space measured 4x6 feet with a lake in the center surrounded by land area (black space) connected by bridges and cluttered with buildings.  The land connected the long sides of the table so each player commanding the armored forces could deploy 8" in along a land space of 24" and move (in theory, at least) across to the opposing side.  The naval forces deployed 8" in from the long table edge, along a 24" wide section of the long table edge, to each side of the land space.

I collected ballots from each player with name and faction, separating the Prussian/EBS/French players from the FSA/KoB/CoA players and then drew from each stack for each table to create a random match of teams and opponents.

At the first table we had 2 Prussian players, Shades and John, facing off against a FSA (Landlubber) & KoB (Nate) team.  The black foamcore and dark green island is land space, the white & gray spaces are urban terrain, the white rectangles are bridges, and the green & brown felt along the table edges are the deployment zones for armored forces.  The pea-green space is all dirty sewer water surrounding Canal City.  The objectives were the power plant on the round island and the long suspension bridge between the two city zones.

At the second table we had all 3 CoA forces (Kyle, Steve, Joe) against a Prussian land force (Ruckdog) flanked by French flying ships (PhineusPhule) and Imperial squids (Jack).

1st Table:  Prussians vs. FSA/CoA

At the first table the KoB armored forces moved quickly to control the long suspension bridge, but the Prussian robots moved directly into the lake which was shallow between both city zones.  Most of the naval combat occurred on the far side of the city and those KoB scout flyers were destroyed by turn 3, leaving the suspension bridge contested and each team earning just 1 Objective Point.  But the Prussian Metzgers waded across to take control of the power plant island, destroying the KoB medium landships in the final moments of the game and securing 2 Objective Points for both Prussian players.

Winners:  Prussians with 3 Objective Points each.

Table 2: Prussian/Imperial/French vs. Covenant

At the second table the CoA armored force moved fast with small and medium walkers supported by scout flyers to control the suspension bridge by turn 2.
The French moved to intercept the CoA naval force on the flank and engage CoA flyers high above the supension bridge while Prussian heavy land units moved into the city on the south side of the bridge.  But the Metzger was lost, and the Prussian support of forces moving onto the power plant island was severely restricted.

The Covenant navy decimated the Imperial force and secured full control of the power plant island, mirroring what had happened at table 1.

Winners:  Covenant with 3 Objective Points each.

Vote for Best Painted Force
Ruckdog's Prussian Forces

Round 2:  Vortex

Players were again divided into two alliances, and then matches were drawn, one from each side.  Each player had 800 MFV with a Core Naval force moving to secure the space around a mysterious energy vortex.  To score Objective Points each player had to keep ships with 6" of the vortex without touching the vortex, and at the end of each turn all models were pulled 2" directly toward the center of the vortex.

Three matches at table 1.

John's Prussian fleet clash against Steve's Covenant fleet in the foreground while Landlubber's FSA fleet takes a blow from PhineusPhule's new French fleet in the background.

Kyle's Covenant wins a marginal victory against Jack's Imperial Japanese in the foreground while Ruckdog's Prussians lose a second time this day to Nate's KoB fleet in the background.

Joe, with his cetacean-themed fleet, beat my Imperial fleet to score 5 Objective Points, added to the 3 from the 1st round he was the undisputed leader for total accumulated Objective Points.

Thanks again to Cathy at the Game Vault for providing a great location to hold the event.  And special thanks to John for creating some original medals and trophies for our titled champions.