29 March 2012

New Spartan Forum?

The forum over at the Spartan Games official website has been out of action for a month now and I realize my posts and reading of gaming blogs has proportionally increased.  Unfortunately the forum went missing almost right after the release of the new rulebook with the free PDF update, and in my small regional group of Dystopian Wars players we're working through the new rules with only one player owning the new book.  There is some agreement that we like the new tiny flyer rules better than the old rules, and we still have one player reluctant to play until Spartan adjusts the point values to make the KoB faction equal to the others (I haven't been able to convince him to try another faction, like the Empire of the Blazing Sun, but I'm trying to bring him to see the light).  All together, we seem to be playing more games, and I'm looking forward to the tournament on Sunday, although I fear there will be some dispute between some minor rule changes.

Yesterday one of the guys on our local forum posted the question of starting our own forum and fan website for Dystopian Wars, something along the lines of what some players did for Firestorm Armada after Fathom's Reach went down called The Black Ocean.  I like the idea, and perhaps putting some of my efforts into helping build a new forum might be a better direction to focus my extra gaming energy than writing more frequent and longer blog posts.  Yes, I could spend more time actually painting my ships, but I seem to divide my tabletop hobby time between not two but three lines of activity:  playing, painting, and reading or writing about the game.

Of course, there is the regional forum DWVA we set up to coordinate games and events in our own little part of the world here in the state of Virginia, and I invite anyone to stop by to register and post a line and participate in our discussion threads about new Dystopian Wars models and rules.