21 March 2012

DW Terrain

I've been working on some city terrain for the event coming up next month, mostly downloading paper model templates and putting together tiny skyscrapers with cardstock, scissors, and a smidge of white glue.  But while searching for ideas and patterns for street layouts in something equivalent to 1:1200, I came across some extraordinary terrain tables out there.  This Prussian naval and air base is probably the favorite of my local DWVA group.  Found posted on theminiaturespage.com and this specific shot on this German website.

Absolutely amazing layout and incredible detail. I'm not going to come close to this sort of table with my novice level of experience anytime soon.
But I really appreciate this modest air base, probably because it features the design of my favored faction and the main materials involve cardboard and other common household material.

Explanation of the construction found here.