06 October 2011

Thoughts on opening my new copy of Dreadfleet

"Wow!  This castle island will look great as a fortress for DW games."
"The black kraken will make an awesome proxy for the Blazing Sun mechanical squid, and it's just the right size!"
"The dragon models are perfect tokens for my dragon carrier ship for my Dragon Lords faction in US."
"These two ships will work great as heavy cruisers for my Imperial Human fleet in US."
"The Tomb Kings galley will fit right into my Bone Griffons fleet in US."
"This High Elven ship will work fine as an Elven merchant ship, if nothing else in US games."
"Wow, the shipwrecks are cool!  I need more shipwreck markers for Uncharted Seas!"
"I wonder if I can incorporate these great FATE and DAMAGE cards into Uncharted Seas?"