31 October 2011

DW Sunday at End Game Center

Last week my usual opponent and I took a drive down south to meet some new DW players and check out a game store I visited when I first moved to the area three years ago.  We played a game of DW and talked about the game with other players.  The big DWVA Autumn Event 2011 is only a week away now, and Kyle wanted to play a practice game with his 800 point fleet.

Kyle's Covenant fleet moves into position; with 800 points he included both a battleship and a flagship; I included, for the Blazing Sun, an unpainted Kraken as a proxy for the Mechanical Squid, along with the battleship Ontake.

The unpainted "Mechanical Squid" managed to have most of the tentacles shot off before reaching in to pluck out some Covenant marines.  And then the rest of the tentacles suffered mechanical failures from the rest of those marines.

In the end, my battleship and kraken were both taking on water with many holes in their hulls while the Covenant battleship and flagship steamed between the the large class ships and the small, helpless ships in the rear, putting a quick end to any ambition by the Blazing Sun fleet to win this day.