05 June 2011

The Perfect Ruler

I've had some discussion with my regular opponent about the comparisons between using a flexible tape measure versus a rigid yardstick.  He prefers the tape measure which is compact and easy to use for a variety of distances; I prefer the yardstick which is not so compact or easy to use, but it makes a satisfying snap when I slap the length against my leg while contemplating my next move.  But the yardstick, although perfect for measuring the limit of range band four, is too long for plotting ship movement, so I supplement it with a standard wooden foot-long ruler, only that stick is often too short, especially when moving my Elven frigates or trying to measure the limit of range band four.  I have seen 16" wooden rulers, and I thought one would be a perfect tool for my games of Uncharted Seas.  But now I found and immediately bought my perfect measuring device for the tabletop....

This is perfect!  Folded up it is only 8" in length, easy to carry in my bag and it works for measuring short distances for large class ship models.  It's also perfect for measuring command distance and the limit of range band one.  Folded out it measures 16" and is perfect for moving my frigates and measuring the limit of range band 2.  Also, in the pivot, it features a protractor so I can measure 45 & 90 degree angles for those gun arcs.  Oh, and because it's metal it makes an especially nice sound when slapped against bare flesh.