20 June 2011

Father's Day DW Game

We played using the VA campaign set with Greg as the challenger, a 400 point Recon Encounter.  Greg rolled for terrain, a double 4, which put moving icebergs on the board; we decided our forces had met in the frigid waters off the coast of Patagonia, in the Southern Hemipshere.  The Blazing Sun Recon Force included 1 Mechanical Squid, 2 Scout Gyros, and 2 squadrons of 3 Frigates each deployed on the flanks.  The Americans deployed a pair of cruisers with shield generators in the center, a pair of bombers and w squadrons of 3 Frigates each.  We each selected one Secret Objective.

The Japanese Scout Gyros moved into a broadside position to launch a rocket attack and damaged one of the American cruisers.  The cruisers engaged shields, once of which caught fire, and valiant American Rocket Marines would perish in the next two turns trying to put out the blaze.

On the second turn the Mechanical Squid surfaced and moved toward the first of the two American Cruisers.  The Inari bow guns, however, proved completely ineffective.

Despite the Marines dying to douse the flames on the FSS Virginia, I was impressed by Greg's painting of this piece which is not captured in the photo with all the glory.

The Blazing Sun torpedo bombers launched attacks and sank a FSS frigate in the center while the Blazing Sun Frigates on the left moved into the center to back up the Squid.  Meanwhile, a moving iceberg joined the Blazing Sun cause and severely damages one of the FSS Frigates.  On the right flank the Blazing Sun Frigate Squadron engaged their counterparts, and after a fierce battle managed to win the action and secure the right flank.

After ramming and sinking the FSS Unpainted in turn three while the center frigate squadron attempted to board the FSS Virginia (all of them shot down from the sky by the American superiority in AA fire), the Mechanical Squid turned next to ram the FSS Virginia, and the Japanese Typhoon Marines quickly secure the cruiser.  An American bomber swooped low overhead and dropped Marines on the FSS Virginia to retake the cruiser.  The Japanese sent more Typhoon Troops aboard and a fierce boarding action ensued. 

Unfortuanately, by Turn 5 all of the American Frigates had been sunk, and although the Americans had a clear air superiority, the Japanese Scout Gyros circled over into the right flank far from the American fighters and remaining bombers, in perfect range to make good use of their rockets.  The melee on the FSS Virginia is resolved and a narrow victory is achieved by the Blazing Sun.  With no more surface vessals, the American planes return to their airbase leaving the Blazing Sun to control the patch of cold water.

We had both selected destroy frigates as our Secret Objective.  I still had at least one frigate in each of my squadrons, so only my Secret Objective awarded a bonus of VP for my Victorious Blazing Sun force.  Greg clearly had better AA gunners on his ships and superior tiny flyers in the skies, but it wasn't enough against the terrific ramming of the Mechanical Squid and the suicidal boarding attacks of the Typhoon Troops.
I won 4 Campaign Points for the Blazing Sun's Crushing Triumph (345 VP vs. 125 VP, victory by more than 30%), and Greg won 1 Campaign Point for putting up a good fight.