02 April 2011

Significant Other

My S.O. is an avid chess player and has beat me in several games, and seeing my colorful ships on the blue board finally interested her enough to try a game.
Approximately 600 points per side, the Lady playing the Smoke Belchers while I take my Pristine Elven sailing fleet to the seas.

 The Lady has moving ships figured out.
 The Elven Admiral even brought along the kitchen sink!
 The opposing fleets shift into attack positions.
 The Lady plays a magic card to shift the wind around to force my fleet to change their attack direction.  At least the Elven fleet moves first although none of their attacks manage to hit anything.  A spell is cast which causes fire to break out on a Shroud Mages heavy cruiser.  At least Elven magic is effective this battle.
 The Smoke Belchers manage to hit & damage some Elven ships.
The squadron of Smoke Belching frigates link fire and destroy an Elven destroyer without problem at the start of turn 3.  The game is called for time, a moral victory going to the Smoke Belchers for causing more damage with gun hits and actually sinking at least one enemy ship.