25 February 2011


We played this strategic mission with too many unpainted models, and few pictures show more than gaps of white on the blue board. But here is the scratchbuilt mechanical squid my opponent has half painted, preparing for a ramming attack against one of my Elven Heavy Cruisers.

End of turn 1. I spent 10 Recon Points and challenged my opponent to a Strategic battle. Our random Terrain & Conditions roll provided just 1 piece of terrain but a 6 led to thick fog which limited all guns to range band 2, and those at reduced effectiveness. The Dwarven fleet was larger at almost 900 points, escorting 3 transport cruisers which are unpainted FSA cruisers, and the Elven fleet has 700 points with the objective of sinking all three transports. The first turn involves changing the wind, and moving the Elven squadrons, none of them able to make out targets in the thick fog, the green dragon moving ahead to intercept the Dwarven fleet that Thaniras intelligence agents have reported is moving in this direction.

The dragon spots a Dwarven airship and attacks the ship directly. Both aerial models are locked in a mortal struggle throughout turn 2.

End of turn 2. The Elven Heavy Cruiser Squadron attempts to charge through a gap in the Dwarven escort to attack the transports which have turned to move behind the island in an attempt to keep some distance and hide in the fog.
As main elements of the two fleets clash in the center of the table, most of them destroyed in a series of explosions during turn 3, the Elves make a dash for the far side of the table with the destroyers and Raven Assault Squadron. The destroyers are lost to torrential fire from the second airship while a Dwarven fast frigate attack squadron eliminates the Raven Destroyers. With the Elven flaship listing to port with fewer than half the hull points remaining at the end of turn 4, the Elven Admiral Theodore orders a withdrawal to allow two of the three transports still afloat to complete their mission.
Dwarf: 2 Recon, 8 Strategic Points
Elven: 1 Recon, 1 Strategic Points