15 February 2011

First X-Cam Recon Mission

A Dwarven scouting force is at anchor near an island in contested waters. An Elven reconnaissance force moves in from the south with a primary mission of studying the Dwarven ships and returning to their main fleet with information, particularly concerning the Dwarven armored cruisers and airship. The Dwarven force consists of 4 squadrons, including the airship, at 400 points; the Elves have just a cruiser squadron and frigate squadron at 300 points, their objective to hold fire and use their attack dice to study each class of Dwarven craft. The cruisers manage to get a partial success on both the airship and the frigate. The strategy of the Elven commander was to move in close, complete the objective, and then use the superior speed of their ships to escape before the Dwarves have a chance to act.

The Dwarven airship, however, has an alert crew which casts off the ballast and throws the engine into full speed. A short burst of extra speed puts the airship in a position to drop the 500 pound bomb in the center of the Elven cruiser squadron.
The Dwarven frigates and armored cruisers move into action and their guns destroy the rear cruiser which was severely damaged by the airship's bomb attack. The Elven frigate squadron fires a coordinated barrage against the airship, causing nominal damage.
The Elven force takes initiative on turn 2 and sets all sail to put some distance between them and the Dwarves. The frigates move into a screening position between the Dwarves and the Elven cruisers. Both squadrons turn slightly to starboard to round the western side of the island to fire a final salvo of weapons at the Dwarven airship, the Elven commander determined to knock the fastest vessel of the enemy fleet from the air. My opponent is confident of victory.
The Dwarven frigates and armored cruisers come about and concentrate fire on the Elven frigates. Even at medium range they splinter the wooden sailing ships. The white ship in the lead on the right is the H.A.S. Bayonet.
The Dwarvesw sieze initiative at the start of turn 3 and the airship moves up to pound the Elven cruisers with a full broadside. The Dwarven ships move before the Elves have a chance to change course again (playing the Additional Activation card).
The water is littered with the broken hulls of Elven ships, and the lead cruiser, the commander wounded by a long splinter in his chest, barely escapes with what limited information they were able to gather on the Dwarven ships.
Our first X-Cam mission is a resounding Dwarven victory.
Dwarf: 8 Recon points
Elven: 1 Recon point