04 June 2012

Glorious 3rd of June DW

Thirteen players arrived and registered to participate in the Glorious 3rd of June Dystopian Wars Virginia event at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg.  We also had two standby players still new to the game but willing to even the matches so all players could play a game in each of the three rounds.  We started at noon.  I brought sandwiches and fixings set up on a side table for those who had driven as far as 50 miles to be there; these served well since we didn't take a break until the event finished at 6:30 pm.

I didn't take many pictures of the players, but I almost never see battle report pictures show many players even though these sort of events are mostly for and about the players.  We had the back room reserved for our event, but with more players than I had expected we set up 3 tables in the main room of the store.  We had a total of 13 registered players and 2 stand-by players that helped round out the matches so we had 7 games going on during each of the 3 rounds.

Some DW players bring plenty of accessories.

I really should have taken a picture of myself wearing the USS MONITOR cap I had bought during a recent weekend in Hampton Roads and Norfolk as I was the silliest DW fan in the store.

I split the group into 2 factions; we had 4 CoA players that I matched with the 2 FSA and 1 KoB players against 2 Prussian, 2 French, and 2 Imperial players.  Registration cards were shuffled into two decks according to faction alliances, and I drew 1 card from each deck to match players from the first round.

The scenario objective in the first round was to park as many surface naval models in contact with the mysterious disc floating on the surface of an unmapped portion of the ocean.  In the game between a Blazing Sun player and a FSA player, the Imperial commodore managed to send a sky fortress to investigate the disc; subsequent boarding actions made both the sky fortress and the FSA battleship derelict, and both players effectively tied the game and advanced to the next round.

A clash of titans during the second round as forces moved to score objective points for having active models on the opposite side of a river.  The terrain was simple but clear, using the pea green table surfaces to represent ocean in the first round of games and a grassy plain in the second round.  We're planning some terrain building sessions at the store in the future.

A squadron of Prussian small airships lead an attack against CoA ground forces in the 2nd round.  Both of these players effectively tied and advanced to the third round as well.  We started with 13 registered players, but due to draws (the lead player didn't have more than 110% of the opponent in VP scored) we had 7 players in the final round.

The Prussians mobilize in the 3rd round.  Both Prussian players advanced to the 3rd round as opposed to all 4 Covenant players and 1 FSA player.  At this point I abandoned any idea of faction rivalries and I put everyone's registration cards into one stack to draw for matches--two of the Covenant players were matched against each other, one of those winning the event.

The game during the 3rd round which decided our 2nd place player.

3rd round game between CoA and FSA; the FSA just managed to earn a victory for 3rd place.

This one is my favorite overall because it shows the detail highlighted by a great paint job on this Metzger.