16 February 2012

Another Demo Game

This past weekend I packed the DW models for my Japanese fleet into a carrying case and prepared to set out to the Game Vault to run a demo game.  While I was printing out the latest rule updates from Spartan, I returned to find Sabine tha cat had found a new place to nap on a foam tray.

But the cat was bribed to leave the comfort of the case and I made it to the game just a few minutes late.  My Usual Opponent brought his Antarctican Covenant fleet, and two interested gamers joined us for a team-based, 4-player scenario with 600 points in each force.  I split my Blazing Sun fleet into two components, a primarily naval group and an aerial group.  My new teammate commanded the naval group but was unfortunate to lose first a cruiser and then the battleship to critical hits to the Sturginium cores which resulted in disasterous flares.

But he sent his frigate squadron into the gap beneath the large island in the center of the battle space and managed to inflict some damage on the Prussian frigates which were provisionally allied with the Covenant.

My aerial force, supported with some surface craft and led by an Ika, managed to destroy the Covenant's aerial contingent, but due to time and the absolute loss of the Japanese surface flagship, we totalled Victory Points and declared the Covenant/Prussian axis force as the ultimate victors.