07 August 2011

Battle of the Boiling Seas Strait

The Dragon Lords have sent out a vassal fleet of dwarves to harass the imperial expansions of the Elves from the Old World.

We had almost 1000 points each, almost everything on the table. A flagship and battleship each, plenty of destroyers and frigates.

Turn 1: The Shroud Mages spotted the Elven fleet near a strait between two islands in the Boiling Seas and set straight toward them. Fortunately, the Elven fleet possessed the wind gauge and set battle sail to move the frigate squadrons into medium range and commence firing upon the leading elements of the Shroud Mage fleet.

After forming a beautiful line-of-battle with 8 frigates in two squadrons, the Dwarven guns start punching holes in the Elven sails. I invent a busy character named Melvin the Elven Sailmaster who sets out, with thread and needle clenched in teeth as he climbs the ratlines, to mend the holes and tears. But, unfortunately, he can't keep up with all the damage. The Elven Battleship Mountain Spirit Fury moves directly through the gap in the frigate line-of-battle and leads a brave but foolish charge into the center of the Shroud fleet. Meanwhile, the heavy gunship which is the Shroud flagship moves slowly into position, gunning an Elven destroyer into splinters and firing upon the grand Mountain Spirit Fury.


Turn 2: As the Shroud and Elven destroyers in the south side of the strait battle at point blank range with the Elven flagship Sea Serpent cleaning up, the remaining Raven Assault boat launches from the destroyer and rams one of the Shroud armored cruisers; but the Assault boat breaks up on impact, and someone forgot to unlatch the boarding hatches, so all of the Elven marines go down with the sinking craft. The dragon swoops down to attack the same Shroud armored cruiser, and the acid breath sprays down inside a hatch, gets in a powder carrying dwarf's eye, a slow match is dropped, and in a horrible sequence of events, the entire ship's magazine goes up in a fireball. Most of the ships damaged in the explosion are the Elven battleship and frigates.


Turn 3: The Mountain Spirit Fury executes a graceful Elven boarding maneuver with one of the Shroud cruisers, and the marines easily take a prize. In the south the Shroud flanking force is absolutely destroyed, and the Elven flagship and remaining destroyers and cruisers move around behind the island to move against the center. In the north the squadron of Shroud frigates continue to tangle with a pair of Elven cruisers.

Turn 4: The Shroud ships manage their damage control well but continue to pound the Mountain Spirit Fury into splinters and the ship breaks up and begins to sink. The few remaining Elven frigates turn and retreat, and the Elven fleet concedes control of the strait to the Shroud Mages.

The Elven flagship was relatively ineffective in the south, helping to clean out the enemy Shroud destroyers down there which could have been managed by the squadrons already tasked with that flank, and because the battleship Mountain Spirit Fury did not have any capital ship support it was lost with all hands and control of the strait lost to the Shroud Mages.