21 May 2011

Dwarves vs. Dwarfs

Redhammer's Iron Dwarf fleet up against my Shroud Mages among some coastal islands and reefs.
We put everything on the table, almost 1200 points each, with only 36 inches between our ships.  This was a big battle for control of the Sabre Coast, involving a plenty of capital ships, each fleet including a flagship in addition to the main battleship.

Turn 2.  Each fleet is now within range, if only there were not so many rocks and small islands in the way.

The Black Shroud's destroyer screen attempts to destroy the approaching submersibles before they can surface and inflict damage.
The airships begin their bombing runs on turn 3, decimating several squadrons of small ships and turning the tide of battle.  During turn 4 the Iron Dwarves repaired some damage on their large capital ships, and then it was only a matter of time that both my battleship and flagship were made completely ineffective with damage.  When the VP was scored at the end of turn 5 the Iron Dwarves had more than twice as many VP, making it a Crushing Triumph.